The ABC’s of Sales

If you are in sales you may at one point of heard about the ABC’s of sales.

Many years ago I met Jim who owns a carpet cleaning company.

I have learned much from people I cross path’s with in my sales career.

His style of selling was exactly that. Let me explain.




When your in a sales opportunity you need to be thinking about ABC.

In other words, any chance you get, your trying to close the deal.

For example… If a prospective client was looking at cars and they

said “Does this car come in Silver”? one of your answers could be

Let me ask you a question Mr/Mrs. Smith. If this car was available in Silver and

I could get it for you for the price we’ve discussed could we put a deal

in place today?


You see your always asking for the “close” at every opportunity.

Pretty much anything a prospective client asks you about what

your selling or doing you can turn it into a ABC opportunity.


Remember your either selling or being sold . . (sold excuses) of

why the customer isn’t going to buy today. So “always be closing”

at all times and put some jack (cash) in your pocket.