Follow up and Follow through.

In sales one of your most important skills is the ability to follow up and follow through. Most sales people drop the ball when it comes to this skill set. You need to constantly be looking for ways to “touch” your prospect whether it’s email, text, video, phone, snapchat, messenger, skype etc. Prospects need help in making the right decision and sometimes need our persistence to make sure they make a decision.

Follow up needs to be done until the prospect either buy your product/service, or buys another product or service or tells you to stop calling. If you believe strongly in your product, that you customer would be better off with your product your follow up will be strong from the start.

A good friend of mine who owns a tow truck service has told me he built his business on being persistent and following up prospects diligently to ensure he was giving them the best service possible.

You need a good CRM tool so that your follow up is on point. A great CRM will give you daily tasks based on your prospect schedule and when used properly can sell you more product or services.

So remember – FOLLOW UP and FOLLOW THROUGH.…

The power of positive thinking.

The 8″ between your ears is really where it all happens.

If you think your fat? you will probably are fat!

If you think your not smart! you tend to act it.

If you think your broke, you probably are.

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill’s book will blow up your mind.

It is worth the read. It has been on the best sellers list and to this day still out sells many other newer books on the market today.

Change what goes into your mind will change the outcome of any and all of your results.

It starts in you. Don’t let anyone steal ¬†your dream. Get your head right and everything else will follow.


The Trump Effect

Wow – now there is tenacity –

Everything against Trump – and against all odds.

Outstanding results –

Well done!

Now it’s time to unite and get behind the new Presidency.



Bob Burg

This guy gets it!

Bob Burg.

Love his work.


Bob really knows how to add value using the 5 Laws of the Go Giver.

Watch and learn.…

It’s still Sunday :)

Hey Everyone,

Yes it’s still Sunday . . . and I did relax, rejuvenate and reflect

all while riding my Honda Goldwing for coffee and a bagel

at our favourite rest top . . . Tim Hortons.


There is something to be said about the clarify one receives

when riding their motorcycle.




Honda Goldwing

Sunday – the 3 R’s

Never miss a Sunday to reflect and rejuvenate after

a long fought week.

It is so important to take time to relax, reflect and rejuvenate

so that you are better prepared to handle the upcoming week.


Don’t allow yourself to be pulled or pushed to do things

on a Sunday that you don’t thoroughly want to do. Otherwise

you will feel robbed and it sets up your week for failure.


Smell the roses, relax, reflect and rejuvenate.


Relax, Reflect and Rejuvenate
Relax, Reflect and Rejuvenate

The ABC’s of Sales

If you are in sales you may at one point of heard about the ABC’s of sales.

Many years ago I met Jim who owns a carpet cleaning company.

I have learned much from people I cross path’s with in my sales career.

His style of selling was exactly that. Let me explain.




When your in a sales opportunity you need to be thinking about ABC.

In other words, any chance you get, your trying to close the deal.

For example… If a prospective client was looking at cars and they

said “Does this car come in Silver”? one of your answers could be

Let me ask you a question Mr/Mrs. Smith. If this car was available in Silver and

I could get it for you for the price we’ve discussed could we put a deal

in place today?


You see your always asking for the “close” at every opportunity.

Pretty much anything a prospective client asks you about what

your selling or doing you can turn it into a ABC opportunity.


Remember your either selling or being sold . . (sold excuses) of

why the customer isn’t going to buy today. So “always be closing”

at all times and put some jack (cash) in your pocket.…

Caleb Maddix – 14 Year old Sales/Motivation Star

This young man, Caleb Maddix is 14 years old. Please take the time to

watch this 4 minute video to $10,000 sale. This is the type of sales

closing that the world needs more of. Provide value, Stay Persistent

and always be closing. Well done young man. Outstanding.

How a 14 Year old made $10,000 in under 4 minutes |…

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