Sometimes Monday’s really do suck! lol

I know, I know I am to be positive daily.

yea but sometimes it’s hard.


I’ll be back tomorrow when I am in a better frame of mind.

Be well!…

Winning Attitude

Have a “winning attitude” is key to success in life.

Not just for work for social and raising a family.

It’s the “can do” thinking that makes people win at the game of life.

How is your attitude?

Are you a person people want to be around?

or are you negative nelly with lots of drama.

If so YOU can change your attitude . . .

It’s just ONE decision away.

Decide today to stop thinking negative thoughts.

Push them away as soon as they creep into your mind.

Be the PERSON that others gravitate toward.

You to can WIN at life.

Winning in Life
Winning in Life

Monday Morning Sales Meeting

Are you having one?

Are you excited?

Look in the mirror this morning and have your meeting.

Someone is being sold today – either you or them!

Which would you rather it be?

Let’s go and have an incredible day.

Monday Morning Motivation

Do it for me . . . close


If the customer won’t do it for themselves . . .

Then do it for me!

This close works after you have tried just about everything.

Turn to the customer and say . . .

Listen Joe/Suzy, if you won’t do it for yourself…

Do it for me!

and yes this close does work.



I have a very good buddy of mine that owns a towing service here in North Bay that has a saying.

He always says to me – SELL OR BE SOLD….

Sell or be Sold. By Grant Cardone
Sell or be Sold. By Grant Cardone

Which basically means… who’s selling who.

Your either selling what your selling or someone else is selling you what they are selling….

they could be selling excuses/reasons for why they aren’t going to buy from you or

your going to sell them what your selling, your product or service.


Sell or be sold my friend … sell or be sold.

Love this saying.


On a scale of 1 to 10

Trying to move the sales process along a great closing question which will flush out any additional questions the buyer may have. I use this one all the time.

Mr. Smith, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being your out and 10 being your all in where abouts are you?

Let the client/customer answer, whatever number they give you (unless it’s a 10) just ask them what would it take to make it a 10.

Then work towards their concerns or pain points and close the deal.…

It is a mental state

Hey Everyone,

Got to thinking this morning about success and what it takes to be successful.

I believe success is 98% mental. In other words getting your head in the right space.

I believe that once you believe (in whatever it is) and you get right in your head

you become unstoppable. When all you do is believe that what your doing is the

right thing to do and you approach it in this manner it won’t matter what comes

at you during your day you will trudge along knowing your on the right path.


They say “If you think you can you can, if you think you can’t you can’t – either way your right”!

So get your head on right, read the books or material you need to believe in what your doing

and don’t let anyone steal your dreams.


You CAN DO THIS! – “whatever THIS is”


Get your head right.

2 Ears – one Mouth (use the accordingly)

If your in sales of any sort you have probably been coached or heard this phrase.

“You have 2 ears and one mouth” – your designed that way so you can do

twice as much listening as you do talking. 🙂


It is so true. Many sales people talk way too much and the focus of the conversation

is on the sales person and that isn’t where you want the focus to be.


A true master sales person actively listens flushing out the customers pain points

and planning their presentation around them. The inexperienced sales person

will find themselves missing out on the sale because they have talked themselves

into it but because they didn’t stop talking they ended up talking themselves right out of the sale.

Listen twice as much as speaking
2 ears, one mouth – Listen twice as much.



The Art of Negotiation

Find the PAIN point.

In a nutshell . . .

I know it sounds pretty simple but yet it is.

If you can find the client/guest/customer’s PAIN point all you need to do is address it and keep closing until you have a deal.

Let me explain.

Finding your clients pain point is as simple as asking questions? Not interrogating but simply asking questions that will

lead you to where you want to go.

  1. What do you like best about what you currently own?
  2. Tell me how that looks?
  3. What would you like to see different in your next one?

Once you can find out the “Why” behind the reason they are with you, that is their pain point.

Now present your product or service with how it can solve their pain point and ask for their business.

I know simple eh? Very . . . but most people negotiating talk too much and don’t listen to their

customers needs. The customer will tell you everything if you just ask the right questions.

More on this to come.

Closing the sale handshake.
Let’s get this sale done.