Follow up and Follow through.

In sales one of your most important skills is the ability to follow up and follow through. Most sales people drop the ball when it comes to this skill set. You need to constantly be looking for ways to “touch” your prospect whether it’s email, text, video, phone, snapchat, messenger, skype etc. Prospects need help in making the right decision and sometimes need our persistence to make sure they make a decision.

Follow up needs to be done until the prospect either buy your product/service, or buys another product or service or tells you to stop calling. If you believe strongly in your product, that you customer would be better off with your product your follow up will be strong from the start.

A good friend of mine who owns a tow truck service has told me he built his business on being persistent and following up prospects diligently to ensure he was giving them the best service possible.

You need a good CRM tool so that your follow up is on point. A great CRM will give you daily tasks based on your prospect schedule and when used properly can sell you more product or services.

So remember – FOLLOW UP and FOLLOW THROUGH.…